MusicTank is an independent, non-profit music business think tank and information hub.  We comment on the UK music industry from a neutral standpoint, free of political and commercial interests, working towards a better, more informed industry.

The past 13+ years have presented us with challenges, not least in trying to stay afloat whilst providing access to our work, for free or at cost.

We are fortunate enough to have a level of support from our loyal members with a token membership fee that we’ve kept the same for the past 10 years.  We continue to want to make sure access to our content and knowledge bank continues to be accessible for everyone, and particularly for emerging talent, whether creative or business.

Whilst our members include some of the most influential people in the UK music industry we don’t want the gates to close on anyone due to affordability.  It is for this reason we keep as much content as we can for free, or ask for a very small fee but it’s a difficult juggling act.

You’ll see from our new site we’ve launched a reader’s corner and expanded into consultancy and contract research and bespoke training – all additional areas of revenue that we hope, along with your support, will assist us in funding this network.

If you continue to value our work and what we stand for, and are able to support us further by contributing a token donation to help sustain the network, we’d be very grateful.

Other ways you can help:

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